Manufacturing – Venture Capital Want List

This website is mostly incoherent ramblings that I see or think about. Most of my day is spent trying to think through problems and how those can be turned into opportunities. Today I am going to walk through a few, just in case someone who is reading this happens to be trying to solve those problems.

1.) Digital Phone to PLC Communication tool.
We are building a system which communicates from a mobile app to a remote system. Think of it like Starbucks current mobile ordering platform. You enter your order on your mobile phone and you get a confirmation on your phone that the order was sent and the Starbucks that you are going to gets the order printed on a sticker which then gets placed on the cup.

Starbucks has managed to create this product incredibly well such that it looks easy. Its not easy. If anyone is working on a simple API to do this, I would love to talk. Perhaps its just a natural extension of Square, but I am just not aware of it.

What we are trying to do is send an order to remote PLC which sets off a chain of manufacturing operations which creates a custom product based on your order. It notifies you that the order was recieved and that the order is ready.

2.) NLG (Natural Language Generation). I am still amazed that there are only two main NLG companies in the world (Narrative Science) and Automated Insights as far as I can see. This is the type of product which, in theory, could be commoditized through an API but its not and I am not sure why.

If you are an NLG grad or PHD student with any sort of basic NLG idea, which could be just a copy of current technologies, I would love to talk.

3.) 3d Printing of medical products.
Looking for someone versed in manufacturing and the medical device FDA approval process, we can help with the rest.

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