Manufacturing Accelerator Beliefs

Here are the Manufacturing Accelerator Beliefs (1st Draft 3-19-15):

  1. The manufacturing accelerator will be a network of contract manufacturers, manufacturing distributors and OEMs.
  2. In addition to accelerator companies, we will build a network of machine makers, service providers, bankers, industrial real estate and foreign sourcing experts to assist our investment companies.
  3. Manufacturing Accelerator companies will be able to operate with autonomy.
  4. We seek out first good people. People that can manage and grow companies. Key characteristics of our CEOs are trustworthiness, attentiveness to needs of the market and quality engineering.
  5. We invest in long-term growth. There are no quarterly goals to be met. CEOs have long term opportunities to see their vision become a reality.
  6. The Manufacturing Accelerator will itself be sparse. We will have a Chairman, CFO and Automation Engineer. We expect our CEOs to be high-level engineers and operators.
  7. Manufacturing Accelerator will almost never sell accelerator companies.


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